Cima 2013

This year J.Juan participated again in the CIMA, where there were introduced, for the first time, motorcycles higher than 200cc for the Chinese market. This was one of the main interests of J.Juan.In that sense, the CFmoto Company, created in China in 1989, presented such a big new: a 650cc motorcycle. J.Juan has collaborated in this innovator project, providing several benefits, all of them with the high quality that this kind of motorcycle needs.

Thanks to this important agreement, J.Juan can already confirm that its product it’s consolidated in the developing Chinese market.

The main goals that J.Juan pretends to achieve in that market are:
To be present in the high range vehicles market.
To provide ABS and CBS as the technology experts that Chinese market needs, neither to export them to Europe nor to use them.
To introduce itself in the 3 wheeler motorcycle market.
To establish J.Juan product in the medium-range market, that it’s standing out versus the low-cost one.