In a globalized world the presence in major markets is a must. Therefore, J.Juan has a strong presence, in order to satisfy local customers with a small reaction, providing the required solutions.

Let’s take a brief view to J.Juan current worldwide presence,:

•J.Juan Headquarters. Located in Gava (Barcelona), R & D center, development and product validation for J.Juan and Braktec products. It is also the main production plant for brake systems and brake hoses.

•J.Juan China. Located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, production plant for brake systems and brake hoses for the Asian market.

• J.Juan USA. Technical sales office in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) to assist the main North-American manufacturers.

•J.Juan India. Technical sales office in Pune to assist the local market.

• Myasa. Plant of the Group for braiding the brake hoses.