Superb race of Javier del Amor in the 24 hours race at Montmeló circuit of Catalunya

The J.Juan Racing test rider, Javier del Amor, had a superb action in the 24 hours race at Montmeló circuit, as shown in the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” in his last 12th June edition. The Suzuki Catalá team headed by Javier del Amor leaded the race during a great part of it, leadership was gained because a Javier’s fastest movement in the start line, and kept in fight during a great part of the race against two big teams: Yamalube Folck Endurance-the winner- and Honda Endurance.
The bad luck of his team team mate Lucas De Carolis, who had an accident at 7 hours to go, made the victory options of the team supported by J.Juan Racing fade away.
Javier del Amor transmited courage, endeavour and above all expertise on a motorbike. He made us enjoy and fun like childs.
For sure we will again live his competitiveness soon. Until then, we will enjoy him as a colleague and a expert vehicle testing driver of our brake systems.
Thanks Great Champion!