The ‘stunt-rider’ of the Austrian brand equips his racing bikes with J.Juan brakes,  sure that the system will not fail in any of his risky tricks.  

After having tested the J.Juan brakes, Rok Bagoros decided to sign the sponsorship contract with the company of Gavá, who is very satisfied with the performance and reliability of its products.

Bagoros is a 29-year-old Slovenian rider who has been in the world of racing for more than 20 years. Currently, he rides a KTM Duke 250 and another 690, both equipped with J.Juan brakes. A component of the bike more than important for the ‘stunt-riders’, who need to rely 100% on their brakes to be able to carry out all their tricks safely. To be able to lift the bike and stand on a wheel, Bagoros needs a powerful braking, which immobilizes the wheels. This is achieved thanks to the special braking systems that equip the ‘stunt’ frames, with a double caliper on the rear disc.

J.Juan is now developing new pieces to continously improve the great sensations and the special feeling of this incredible stunt rider.