J.Juan is now ISO 50001 certified

J.Juan is now ISO 50001 certified

J.Juan just got ISO 50001, which certifies constant improvement in energy management (usage, safety, efficiency and savings). The Catalan company underwent this audit for the first time, and it passed it with remarkable success. The auditors (DNV) did not find a single non-conformity or area with room for improvement. Instead, they pointed out a total of 6 strengths, and certified us with an excellent score.

Not only that, the auditors also highlighted the outstanding engagement of J.Juan’s staff — congratulating the team as a whole for its robust and comprehensive energy management systems.

J.Juan is the world leader in the manufacture of meshed metallic hydraulic tubes and the second European manufacturer of motorcycle brakes. It is a company founded in 1965 in Barcelona (Spain), employs 640 people directly. The company is part of the Brembo Group, world leader of brake technology, founded in 1961 in Bergamo (Italy), with more than 12.000 employees in 15 countries on 3 continents, with 29 production and business sites. Brembo owns prestigious brands such as AP, AP Racing, Breco, Bybre, J.Juan, Marchesini and SBS Friction.

J.Juan obtains an excellent in ISO 14001

J.Juan obtains an excellent in ISO 14001

Once again, J.Juan has been congratulated by the auditors of ISO 14001 (the environment) for his excellent work and effort. In the previous edition he obtained a 10. In this one he has not lowered the bar. A very high note, where the auditors have highlighted the following aspects:

Throughout JJuan, and especially in Sant Cugat, the commitment of all departments in the search for environmental improvements and improvement continues to demonstrate a teamwork at the level of excellence.

At J.Juan Gavá, the work of JCD Facility, the company responsible for maintenance, has been very well evaluated. For the second year in a row it has emerged as a strong point due to the continuous improvement of its implemented system to monitor and demonstrate the work carried out in Facility Maintenance (QR Codes, etc.).

The HR Department has also received congratulations, which after the difficulties due to Covid, has known how to find alternatives to end 2021 with more than 90% of the training planned in the 2021 Annual Training Plan. The auditor has highlighted this work, already These two years, all the companies that it has audited have suffered enormously to be able to comply and on many occasions they have canceled the training for staff training due to the Covid.

The J.Juan Academy platform has also been highly valued, with its offer free courses available to all interested personnel.

The environmental communication policy has also received congratulations, highlighting that the internal Communication area has been able to consolidate and improve to levels of excellence.

Finally, they have admired the work done to prevent Covid in all J.Juan plants.