J·Juan Group, as the number-2 European Brake Manufacturer, together with Braktec – the world leader in trial -, currently offers the best performance for all types of motorbike in the sector, both in trial as well as in on-road, specializing in 2 and 3-wheelers and in power sport vehicles. Our Engineers, with an oustanding technical team, offer and develop the best solutions for our clients. More than 150 brake systems configurations satisfy the specific demands of the market. In order to comply with the new regulations that have been introduced in Europe and that are to be introduced in India and China, in accordance with ECE R 168, J·Juan has developed a new range of master cylinders and calipers in the ABS division, based on the product specifications that vehicles equipped with its technology require. In the Combined Braking Division we have created two configurations: vehicles fitted with reat drum brakes, for which J·Juan had developed a valve called CCB, capable to satisfy the requirements of the manufactures. An internationally patented solution which is in greatest demand among southeast asian manufactures.