J.Juan group has established an agreement with Zero, so the Spanish company will manufacture a new front brake system for them. J.Juan will also take care of the configuration of the brake pad and the definition of the hand master cylinder.
The Zero motorcycles that will have these products are: Zero FX, Zero DS and Zero S.

Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology Officer at Zero, said that “working with J.Juan has been a great experience. The professionalism and care that the J.Juan team has applied to our motorcycle applications has been outstanding. They have actively collaborated with us to ensure we get efficient and effective brake solutions that deliver solid performance for each of our model motorcycles. We look forward to continue growing our partnership with J.Juan”.
The project is currently being tested. What’s expected is that J.Juan will receive the motorcycles to test them soon, and if everything will work, the manufacture of all parts of the brake system will start in the 2014 summer.