Gavá (Barcelona). December 17th, 2014

J.Juan 2014
J.Juan has gone through a splendid 2014. The results are highly positive, even more considering the difficulties of the context and the motorcycle business.

A year that can be defined growth, with an increase in sales of 20%. The J.Juan brake product goes step by step consolidating itself as a reference, with a clear dominant position in the braided hose and rigid brake tubes. Brake systems, given the high complexity of the projects, involve more development and application lead time, but users will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of J.Juan brake system designs on some of the main motorcycles.

In order to carry on all this projects J.Juan has grown in a physical sense, regarding both the facilities and the personnel required. The growing need for engineers and technical specialists and operators certainly indicates that this growth is not expected to recede in the coming 2015.